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Vector Precision Grinding Machines

Customisation as Standard

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High quality volume production


Curtis Machine Tools has developed the Vector™ range of CNC grinding machines which work within sub-micron tolerances for your production grinding needs.
We customise our Vector machines to fit your processes as part of our standard service.

This allows you to future-proof your production with multiple options for locating, grinding and automatically handling workpieces.
We are your partners and will help you in an ongoing collaboration to optimise your production.

The Vector basic unit is a compact small-parts production grinding machine with fully integrated grinding and parts handling.
Each Vector machine has a flexible design to suit niche applications or solutions. CMT can fully customize Vector grinding machines to work within your processes.

All of the Vector machines in the range share the same grinding platform, with a long radial stroke and a short axial stroke, for single and multi-plunge grinding or peel grinding of short profiles. The grinding wheel guard houses the workpiece location tooling (mounted to the front of the workhead), workpiece, in-process gauging, grinding wheel and dressing disc. Grinding fluid, mist and waste is retained within, then exits from the base of the enclosed wheelguard.

A variety of work locating and driving solutions is available. Vector machines can also be configured for straight or angled approach with optional in-process gauging.

The machine functionality incorporates a 3-axis robot and a transitional parts storage area. Parts can be stored in pallets using drawers or transferred in and out using linked linear axis. Secondary processes, such as pre- and post-gauging, orientation, deburring, washing and inspection are possible.
CMT has designed the Vector machine range to be incorporated into a broad range of manufacturing systems or production lines with minimal disruption to your processes.

Vector Production Grinder


How can our Vector range optimise your production?

Three-Year Warranty as Standard. The Vector range of engineered grinding solutions provides dependable precision and high cycle rates. Machines have a simple and economical design meaning unplanned maintenance is infrequent and, if necessary, simple in nature. Machine wear parts are specified for long lifetime and easy replacement. Our three-year warranty is based on 6,000 hours’ running time. Subject to CMT service and maintenance plans being adhered to with a service every 2,000 hours.

Customisation as Standard. CMT offer a wide range of options for work handling, work holding, wheel dressing, gauging and monitoring. There are also possibilities for extra operations such as part orientation, pre-gauging or de-burring.

Future-Proof Your Production. Once the original application comes to an end you may have new precision grinding requirements which are significantly different. CMT provide a feasibility study service, including re-tooling and re-qualification of the machine. If necessary, we can update your machine to current Vector or industry standards.

Ergonomics. Vector machines are designed to maximise output from your available floor space and labour resources. The inbuilt parts storage system enables low operator attendance and the small footprint is consistent with the machine’s compact cell structures.

Cleanliness. The small grinding enclosure allows dirt and debris to be fully flushed away by the coolant. This means that working parts remain clean, prolonging the machine’s life and improving reliability.

Consistency. The Vector’s small size and rigid construction enables good thermal stability and high static/dynamic stiffness, reducing warm-up and spark-out times.

Customising Vector machines to your process is our standard service.

Basic – The core Vector machine with conventional work holding and Cartesian robot work piece handler. The Vector Basic has a wide application range and the greatest potential for future re-tooling on other components or applications.

Concentric – A centreless grinder with steel control wheel, work rest blade and ‘concentric’ pressure roller. The Vector Concentric is typically used for secondary operations on parts with a cylindrical body. Loading can be performed via a hopper or vibratory feeder.

Twin – The Vector Twin incorporates an indexing twin-spindle work head, allowing loading – and some secondary operations- to be performed concurrently with the grinding process. This offers productivity gains when the grinding times are short.

GFS – A bar feed unit with puller unit and cut-off blade enables parts to be Ground From Solid rod. Unload can be by gravity or robot. The Vector GFS is advantageous when parts to be ground are less than 5mm in diameter.

Rotary – The Vector Rotary uses a special work head mounted in a programmable ‘B’ axis. A 3-axis simultaneous interpolation is possible for the generation of forms in materials not suited to plunge grinding.

Quad – The Vector Quad uses an innovative four spindle work head for high volume production. This enables two pieces to be ground simultaneously either by plunge or peel grinding, whilst parts are being exchanged at the second pair of spindles. This can effectively double your production rates.

Common to all Vector Machine Variants

Maximum grinding wheel diameter – 457 mm
Maximum grinding wheel width – 50 mm
Grinding wheel bore diameter – 152 mm / 203 mm
Grinding spindle power – 5.5 kW
Maximum wheel speed – 5000 rpm
Travel ‘X’ direction – 190 mm
Travel ‘Z’ direction – 60 mm
Work head platform height – 150 mm
Control system – Siemens 840D
Maximum number of axes (including robot) – 8

Robot and drawer system

Payload workpiece + grippers – 6 kg
U’ – ‘V’ – ‘W’ axes travels – 780 mm x 450 mm x 340 mm
Pallet area – 2 x 325 mm x 325 mm

Work piece size guide

Maximum diameter – 110 mm
Maximum length between centres – 160 mm
Maximum length ground in two plunges – 100 mm
Maximum grinding wheel diameter – 457 mm
Maximum grinding wheel width – 50 mm
Grinding wheel bore diameter – 152 mm / 203 mm
Grinding spindle power – 5.5 kW
Maximum wheel speed – 5000 rpm
Travel ‘X’ direction – 190 mm
Travel ‘Z’ direction – 60 mm
Work head platform height – 150 mm
Control system – Siemens 840D
Maximum number of axes (including robot) – 8

Component loading options


Vector Brochure

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