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Maintaining your Production Asset

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At Curtis Machine Tools, we are committed to maximising our customers’ return on their investment with every machine that we design and manufacture.

We strive to ensure that the highest standards of service are available to customers as long as a machine remains in production, anywhere in the world. This level of service covers not only the supply of replacement parts, but the availability of engineer service visits to maintain equipment and deal with breakdowns.

We can offer you various service levels or contracts covering a wide range of options, from the supply only of spare parts to regular service contract visits. In turn, enabling the service life of the machine to be extended and maintaining the machine’s highest levels of performance.

For as long as your machine tools remain in production, we will continue to offer the highest quality parts, service, repairs, upgrades and training that will improve the performance, increase service life and reduce overall running costs. 

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Support you can rely on…

By choosing us as your technical solutions partner, our commitment to you extends far beyond physically delivering what you have ordered.

Our in-house teams of technical, production and applications engineers are on-hand to provide quality advice and assistance wherever you may be located worldwide, and because they have designed, manufactured and tested your equipment, they have the expert knowledge with regards to your machine.

In addition to the operator and maintenance training that will be supplied during either the acceptance or commissioning period of the equipment, we can offer further training based on your specific requirements.

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In order to ensure that our service commitment to our customers is maintained, stock a wide range of commonly used spare parts for production machinery at our premises in Ardleigh, Essex.

In the event of an enquiry or requirement for spare parts where we do not hold a particular item, we will be pleased to offer you competitive prices and lead times.
Our comprehensively maintained machine records enable us to produce or procure components to the original highest quality specifications when the machine was first manufactured.

In the event of a part not being available from a third party supplier due to it being upgraded or phased out, we will attempt to offer you a technically acceptable alternative or solution.

For service, spare parts and enquiries, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us.

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