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“Bespoke Engineered Solutions from Our Design through to Your Production”

At CMT, we use the latest CAD software for a range of engineering applications in the mechanical, electrical and software fields. Our dedicated design team is equipped with up to date CAD facilities catering to both 2D & 3D requirements. In addition to this, we are able to employ a number of design evaluation features, such as Kinematic, Dynamic, Motion and Finite Element Analysis. We are further able to use Motion Simulation Tools in order to create virtual prototypes of the proposed design solutions.

We approach each project in a holistic manner, combining our vast and detailed industry experience with a constant awareness of the latest available and future emerging technology. We are able to incorporate our tailored bespoke design and standard modules with third party suppliers’ equipment in order to develop a production system in the shortest possible time & least cost, whilst ensuring that our final design meets our customers’ production specifications. Our close links with the technology partners, as featured on our Technology Partners page, keeps us at the forefront of technology, innovation and development. This enables us to give you the full benefits of new design features.

Typically for any production machine, we will produce full design proposals, specifications, operating manuals and any other data in order to evaluate the feasibility, cost and maintenance requirements of designs or applications.

Research and Development is a key focus at CMT and we are continually investing in this area both independently as a company and collaboratively with our customers depending on their requirements.

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