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Vector Component Loading Options

Customisation as Standard

Component loading options 2021-07-31T10:41:09+01:00

Customising our Vector precision grinding machines to your process is our standard service. This allows you to future-proof your production with multiple options for component loading. Vector machines offer infinite options to increase your output and optimise your performance.

Component loading machine

CMT customised this Vector machine to accept a customer-specific pallet design common with ancillary processes

Component loading machine

CMT maximised component storage on this Vector machine to create optimum machine autonomy.

Component loading machine

CMT can incorporate bulk feeding systems for complex part shapes with Vector machines

Component loading machine

This Vector machine uses a vibratory feeding system for large volume bulk feeding.

Component loading machine

A conveyor system for single part feeding is an option with Vector machines

Component loading machine

CMT created a custom-designed feeding system for large component size range variation with minimal changeover requirements on this Vector machine

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