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Turbocharger Vane Production

Customisation as Standard

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Turbocharger Vane Grinding


CMT are experts in the production of customised solutions for turbocharger applications in the automotive sector. We can produce a complete turnkey system for producing your turbocharger VNT components which combines two processes in one machine.

We will engineer a solution to meet your needs, whatever your vane specifications.

Vector grinding

CMT has created a specially designed two-jaw chuck for holding VNT turbocharger vanes which is reliable, repeatable and has a location tolerance of 50nM. This can be customised to your requirements.

Vector grinding

Unique in the production of VNT turbocharger parts, CMT has incorporated an ancillary grinding station to offer you a complete production solution for grinding the top face of the wing on VNT turbocharger parts.

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