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Turbocharger Impeller

Turbocharger Impeller 2016-10-28T10:46:21+00:00

Turbocharger Impeller Grinding (Profile and Groove)

Turbocharger shaft and wheel

The high rigidity of the Vector spindle makes fast metal removal rates possible. For medium volume production, the Vector Basic with conventional abrasive wheels can be used to plunge grind the groove and form together. For higher volumes, the Vector Twin with superabrasive wheels gives optimum spindle utilisation.

Parts handling may be via multi position pallets, single part pallets with through conveyor, or linear transfer without pallets.

Options may include post process gauging and post process de-burring, along with various feature detection systems.

There can be a number of different variations to the machine’s final engineered solution depending on such aspects as material type or component specification.

These factors will have a direct influence on decisions such as the type of grinding wheel and coolant used, for instance Vitrified CBN or conventional along with either emulsion or neat oil coolant. Dressing of the wheel can also be done with either a diamond roll or a diamond disc.
In general, for turbocharger impeller grinding, the workpiece is made from a high temperature resistance alloy.

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